Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Second Exhibition of Capabilities of Aviation Industries in Tehran

Last week second exhibition of "Capabilities (Achievements) of Aviation and Space Industries" was held in Tehran. In comparison to Kish Airshow this exhibition is a smaller and less important exhibition. Many of companies which were present in this exhibition were small private companies and groups. Iranian officials have announced this exhibition is prelude of launching Tehran Airshow next years.
During this exhibition head of aviation and space industries announced launching of "Prototyping and Commercializing Center" in the feild of aerospace technologies. He added 130 companies are member of this union till now and membership of 100 other companies is underway.
During this exhibition , Ahmad Vahidi, defence minister of Iran, inaugurated project of construction of "Aviation and Space Technologies Park".
Bellow images are first series of Images of this exhibition.

Poster of production of critical spar parts of Mig-29 (60 pieces since 1385):

Poster of production of critical spare parts of P3F (142  pieces since 1385):

Hesa group pavilion, Iran-140 mock-up with new painting  :

Production and localization of alloys of aviation industry:

Flexible fuel tank:

Penha group:

Shahed company :

This post will be updated by second series of images.


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