Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Iran constructed and Installed largest offshore oil platform in Persiagn Gulf.

Iran installed largest offshore oil platform on "Reshadat" oilfield in Persian Gulf.
IRIBnews reported, "P4" oil platform has been constructed by "Tasdid" company in Khorramshahr. Dimensions of it is 42 m in 43 m and with 70 m height. Weight of it is 3100 tons and total weight of it with its stabilizers is around 4500 tons. Loading capacity of it for its deck is 9500 tons and its 9500 tons deck will be constructed till two next years.
Totally five platform are installed on "Reshadat" oilfield which "P4" oil platform is central and fourth platform of them. Fifth platform will be installed by the end of this Iranian year.
Below Images have been captured from a report on channel 1 of Iran's TV.


  1. It would be interesting to know what kind of military liasons the IRIN/IRGCN has stationed on oil platforms in the Persian Gulf.

    I know during the Iran-Iraq war they were essential in the later stages during the Tanker War. Drilling platforms served as way-stations for small-boats which otherwise wouldn't have the endurance for long patrols, operated as SIGINT listening stations for observing the passage of tankers as well as their warship escorts. They would also host helicopters and other combatants.

    Today I suspect there are dedicated listening/early warning posts located on these rigs in some form or another. I bet they're networked with other such posts around the Gulf and possibly have sophisticated ESM suites for detecting and tracking targets.

  2. Galen
    Intresting point, personally I hadnt thought to military applications of these platforms.

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